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Home Gym Package

Home Gym Package

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Home Gym Package
A more complex package fit for anyone looking to build a comprehensive home gym space. Our package provides an all-in-one turnkey system, creating the ultimate home gym experience. This setup only requires 15 by 13 feet of space, or 200 square feet, allowing you to truly utilize your gym space. Our package gives you the freedom to complete free weight exercises in addition to strength training and conditioning. This home gym package includes a G256 squat rack power cage, MX1161 dual adjustable pulley system, G206 multi-adjustable bench, 300lb rubber Olympic weight set, and a 5lb through 50lb rubber hex dumbbell set with rack.

Our Home Gym Package is designed for customers who have enough room to convert a full garage or room into a personalized home gym. This package includes all of the strength equipment from the Garage Gym Package, with the integral addition of the MX1161 Dual Adjustable Pulley System (aka the Functional Trainer). The squat rack and bench are ideal for free weight exercises, while the features on the Functional Trainer are great for resistance training and toning your muscles. With two full-sized machines, you can have an invigorating workout without needing to switch attachments between reps.

BodyKore Signature Series – Squat Rack Power Cage- G256

Adjustable Bench – G206

300lb Rubber Olympic Weight Set

5-50lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set w/ Rack

BodyKore Dual Adjustable Pulley System – MX1161

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