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Dream Life Planner: Move From Tired and Overwhelmed to Free and Empowered (paperback)

Dream Life Planner: Move From Tired and Overwhelmed to Free and Empowered (paperback)

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Noelle is trained in education, leadership, coaching and training. She uses her vast tool box to coach women. Noelle offers a unique perspective guiding women to get out of their own
way as she helps them believe in themselves and their dream. Noelle is committed to helping women grow to become the people capable of making their dreams come true.

What is keeping you where you are?
• This planner will assist you in achieving balance as you pursue your aspirations.
• These pages will efficiently guide you through activities to grasp where you are and move you where want to go.
• You will be more productive have more confidence as you step into your desired future.
• This leads to profitability.
• Best of all it is convenient and easy.

Take a few moments each day to work towards the you that you are dreaming of. It is
within your grasp and this book will help you design the path in front of you.

Noelle’s book challenged me to slow down and stop doing, to think and evaluate
things going on in my life, in my heart, and in my mind. It encouraged me to take
an inventory, not just of all the things I’m doing, but why and where it’s leading, if
anywhere at all. The activities she put together inspired me to get in touch with who I
am, what I want, and why. Best yet, it helped me realize where I want all this momentum
to take me and how I can be more intentional in making sure I get there successfully.
– Jessica Acosta, MSN, FNP-C

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