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M3S Lagree Megaformer

M3S Lagree Megaformer

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This model is the first Lagree Fitness equipment that focuses on core and muscle endurance. The M3S and above are perfect for those wanting to strengthen, tone, and tighten their core while placing a large emphasis on muscle endurance.

Carriage: There are two (2) large openings on the front of the carriage and two (2) large openings on the back of the carriage. These larger openings provide more hand and foot placement options. Straps can be added through the large holes so the user can secure their position on the carriage by grabbing onto the straps. The carriage also includes a short stability bar along its side.

Handles: Rotating handles are located on the front of the machine. The top handles rotate 90 degrees for the following positions: Parallel 1, Parallel 2, T Bar, and Cross Bar. The lower curved handles can be moved into Full Position facing in or out. Due to the success of front handles on the M3, two (2) more handles have been added to the back of the M3S.

Platform: Deepened platform with an added 5-inch nose. The fixed and angular shape of the platform enables better body positioning and alignment. The added side rails on the platform provide added hand and foot placement.

Springs: 8

16” from floor to top of the carriage
315 pounds

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